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An integrated platform solution

Hanbury Partners seamlessly connects vetted consultants to clients via our cloud-based platform for short to long term assignments, on site or remotely.

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Bespoke secondments of lawyers and consultants directly into your team.

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An on-call service

An on-call service where lawyers or the consultant will work flexibly, as and when you require e.g., hourly, daily or monthly.

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An entire project solution

We can provide clients with entire teams, together with project managers.

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International Network of Specialist Lawyers



Derivatives documentation Negotiator

Anna has over 10 years experience negotiating ISDA, GMRA, and other traded documents.



Company Secretary

Ben is a ACIS qualified co-sec, he has work for a range of public and private companies carrying out governance and other projects.



Funds Lawyer

Nisha has 8 years of experience working with UCITS, SICAV funds, fund launches, IMA’s and other fund documents. She has worked for a range of small to large investment managers over her career.

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